Simple Guidance For You In How To Slow Down On A Longboard

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Skating on a longboard or skateboard looks cool, is good exercise, and can be a passionate hobby. Cool and mesmerizing tricks can be done by longboards. As well as, sometimes you need to slow down your longboard for some crucial reasons and inevitable situations.

But you need to know how to slow down on a longboard? In this article, I will guide you on the reasons for slowing the longboard, the process of slowing down the skateboard, and some tips for your knowledge. So, let’s see what we have here.

Reasons for Slowing Down Longboard

Skaters face some situations were slowing down their skateboard is a must. As skaters ride around people, so they need to be careful about their surroundings too. Here are some reasons or situations where you need to slow down your longboard-

  • If you somehow jump into a crowded place, park, or road crossing, then you should slow down for your sake as well as the people around you. They or you might get hurt if you don’t slow down and fall in injury. You can continue your riding after you pass the busy place.
  • Skaters ride for a long time. They need to take a rest for some time, so they need to stop. Before stopping your longboard, you need to slow down it gradually. If you whimsically stop your longboard, you may get injured.
  • Let’s say you are performing one trick with your longboard and now you want to change your trick. So, to dive into your next trick, at first you need to slow down your longboard for safety and a good show. It’s a basic rule of performing.
  • While riding on a longboard, if you face bumpy or uneven roads, then you must slow down your longboard. I will suggest, you just let go of your longboard on bumpy roads.
  • However, if you don’t want to let go of your longboard in bumpy ways, then slow downing your longboard is a very big must. It will help you to prevent any unwanted accidents.
  • If you know how to slow down your longboard, then it is an advantage to perform sliding. For sliding, slowing down is unavoidable.

How to Slow down on A longboard?

I have described some of the very basic methods of slowing down a longboard. I tried to describe in a way so that new learners can understand easily too. Keep going to read the basic methods of the topic “How to slow down on a longboard downhill?”

1. Foot Braking

This one is the most common way how skaters slow down their longboards. You have to use your foot as a brake here. Like brake stop or slow cars, your foot will work like this here.

For this method, your front foot has to be more firm than the other one. Place your body pressure on the front foot and put your front foot in front of the board. Now, lift your other foot from the board and place it beside the board on road.

Not too far from the board. Put a little extra pressure on your back foot. Drag your back foot on the road with your front foot on the board. Big friction will create here and your longboard will gradually slow down.

While learning this method, you will fall and make some nasty buries on your body. However, practice will make your methods perfect and flawless.

2. Pendulum Slide

Now, I will talk about the most efficient method of slowing down. This method is called Pendulum Slide. The most requirement for this method is hand gloves as your hands will play the main role here.

I have seen most of the great riders use this technique to slow down their board, they have learned it with heavy practice. Without proper and regular practice, this method can’t be performed.

For performing this method, kick your back foot on the ground to reduce some speed. Now, place your gloved hands on the ground, not far from the board.

When you will feel that your hand is in the right position and use your body weight to slow down the longboard. The speed will get slow gradually and you will move forward at a slow pace.

Anyone will drool if they see someone performing a pendulum slide with perfection. So, without being master in this method, don’t try to perform this. If you get a bit distracted, you may hurt yourself.

You can see how to slide on a longboard – step-by-step experts guideline.

3. Power Sliding

This method is a bit tricky and newbies may struggle with this trick. However, this method is too much attractive and eye-catching. You can impress anyone with this method.

For this method, you need to tilt your board to slow down your speed. It will depend on your weight, body position, and keeping balance. Your weight plays a vital role in sliding longboard. As you control your pace by sliding the longboard in this method, it’s called power sliding.

You have to put your weight on your heels and front. Then you need to turn your hips, head, and shoulder in the direction, you will slide because it will control your pace. You can slow down your pace eventually after you follow the rules here.

Tips on how to slow down on a longboard when going fast

Here are some extra tips which will clear your concept of slowing down and help to guide you-

  • To perform all of these methods, you need to have a firm grip on the board. With thin sole shoes, you won’t get a perfect grip on it. So, always wear the perfect and suitable pair of best skate shoes. To avoid unwanted bruises on your precious body, wear knee pads, elbow pads, and helmets.
  • To slow down your board you may keep your head low and back foot beside your longboard on road. It is an effective trick.
  • Learning and being mastered in the foot brake method is compulsory. Without learning the basic foot brake method, it will be very difficult to slow down your board.
  • While slowing down always bend your body and knee, it will increase the speed of slowing.


I have already discussed how to slow down on a skateboard downhill. Remember, always ride in a safe place. Practice hard so you can also perform the tricks flawlessly. Improving your body balance will lead to the success of slowing down. Don’t slow down your longboard now and then, it may ruin your wheels.

For newbies, they should practice with the longboard first before the skateboard (see your detailed explanation of longboard vs skateboard). I hope this article helped you with learning to slow down. Keep practicing and enjoy your ride now!

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