How to Assemble a Skateboard Step by Step [Crash Course for Beginners]

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Quick Navigation Parts of a SkateboardHow to Assemble the PartsStep 1. Mount the TrucksStep 2. Put the Bearings to the WheelsStep 3. Attach the Wheels to TrucksStep 4. Do a RunoverHow to Set up a Skateboard Video GuidelinesSafety Tips when you Ride your Board You finally bought your first skateboard and have been dying to … Read more

How to Ride a Skateboard For The First Time [A to Z]

learn how to ride a skateboard
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Table of contents 1 Introduction2 What is a skateboard?3 How to ride a skateboard?Turning on a skateboardRiding a skateboardNormal or long curvy turnSudden or short curvy turns4 Stopping skateboardTail scraping or pushingSide frictionHeel scrapingPower slide5 Skateboard riding for adultsSkateboard riding for advance Electric skateboardStarting or turning on an e-skateboard:Riding an e-skateboardBraking or stopping the e-skateboard:Tips … Read more