How to Ride a Longboard | Easy Step by Step Guideline

A longboard is equipment used in sports, almost exactly like a skateboard. It is usually longer than a skateboard and comes in various shapes. Longboards are normally utilized for cruising and downhill dashing. Longboard ‘moving’ and ‘free-style” are additionally more well-known styles, in which the rider uses skateboard-like movements and ventures here and there, for … Read more

A Detailed Explanation of Longboard Vs Skateboard | Which is Better?

Longboard Vs Skateboard

Quick Navigation What is LongboardWhat is skateboardBalancing of longboard and skateboardSize and shape of longboard and skateboardWheels of longboard and skateboardWhich one is better longboard vs skateboard?Is it easier to skateboard or longboard?FAQsConclusion Are you want to test some different flavor of sporting? Then you should try longboard or skateboard. Longboard and skateboard both are … Read more