Top 10 Best Skateboard Trucks 2021: Picking from the Top Rated Designs

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If you want to upgrade your skateboard set up. Going with a top-rated skateboard truck will be of great help.

 The best skateboard trucks are ones that will give you much more than just a single feature and quality. In this post, we have sampled the top 10 from a pool of 100+ that we had collected. Our reviews are well-researched.

Why Our Review?

We compared feedbacks from previous users, bestsellers, pricing, and features. We have also included a buying guide that will help you to narrow it down to the best choice for your personal use.

Take a look at what we compiled for you.

#1. Independent Stage 11 SkateboardingTrucks – Set of 2

Independent 149 Stage 11 Standard Truck, Silver - Pair of 2

The very first choice on this top ten best skateboard truck reviews is the Independent Stage 11 Skateboarding Trucks.

These skateboarding trucks are not only unique but they also come in a set of two – for the front and rear trucks.

They are affordable and pretty easy to fix on your board. Thanks to the simple-to-follow user manual that this package comes with.

Indeed, this is a set of highly durable 356 T6 Aluminum trucks and comes with a hanger and baseplate of the same metallic alloy.

The trucks are stylish and pretty much attractive too. They enjoy an unmatched grind-ability and have a kingpin clearance like no other.

Most users agree that this set of skateboard trucks have less wheel bite and are quite safe to ride on too.

If you want to enjoy the best precision turning with the super cush bushings to spice it up, then this set of 2 trucks should make your ultimate choice.

The trucks are also super light in weight and once you rig them in you will hardly notice any difference with your skateboard.  They are affordable and have proven to be the darling of many skateboarding beginners too.

Nonetheless, it is recommended that you understand your type of board, riding skill, and anticipated speeds when choosing the best skateboard trucks.

  • Super cush bushings
  • Super light in weight
  • Pair of trucks
  • Fit on nothing but 70 x 50mm wheels
  • Best value for money
  • Durable aluminum alloy
  • 7-inch hanger
  • Slightly pricey


#2. SCSK8 Longboard Skateboard Combo Trucks

Oldboy Premium Ceramic Skateboard Bearings (608RS ZrO2 at 8 x 22 x 7 mm) for Standard Skate Board Wheels - Good for Longboards, Quad Skates, Inline Stakes, Rollerblades and Scooters Too

Next in our line of the best trucks for skateboards is the SCSK8 Longboard Skateboard Combo Trucks.

Set for some of the best rides and terrains that we have today, this pair of trucks will do a great job in leaving you with a memorable riding experience.

They are designed from a durable aluminum alloy which makes them super stylish and gives them the best value for money.

They are also easy to use and will fit on nothing but 70 x 50mm wheels. This some people find quite limiting while others don’t.

Even so, riding on this set of trucks will feel really cool in case you were to use wheel hardness of about 80A.

The trucks also come with a 7-inch hanger and sit pretty well on your chosen board as long as it has been propyl fixed.

For the people who worry so much about wheel bite, let me assure you that with this set of skateboard trucks, that’s nothing to worry about at all.

The trucks also enjoy the ABEC 9 bearings which really amps their performance and high-end reliability.

Even so, it is the trucks’ ease of use, fast setup, and super-light touch that has made many skateboarders to actually fall in love with this set of trucks.

Simply choose these trucks and get aboard to fix them on. Follow the user manual to get the best fix.

  • ABEC 9 bearings
  • Super light touch
  • Ease of use
  • Fast setup
  • 5.25 hanger
  • Best anti-corrosion finishes
  • Durable aluminum alloy
  • Needs the manual to install


#3. Owlsome Black 5.25 Aluminum Skateboard Trucks

Owlsome 5.25 Black Aluminum Skateboard Trucks w/ 52mm Wheels Combo Set (White)

Owlsome Black 5.25 Aluminum Skateboard Trucks is also another set of trucks that you could easily look at in case you wanted the best skate trucks for long-term use.

It is super stylish and enjoys one of the best anti-corrosion finishes that you can possibly find today.

The Owlsome Aluminum Trucks come with a 5.25 hanger that gives them one of the best raises off every type of terrain that you choose to follow.

The axle which these trucks also come with measures 8.0 inches long and is also made of a highly durable aluminum alloy.

This metallic alloy also gives the whole setup the strength and the sturdiness that you need to keep your body suspended all through the ride.

It is safe to ride on and has been tested and approved for use. Indeed, these trucks are also cool for wheels with 95A hardness and thus can be used to cruise.

More importantly, this set of skateboard trucks also enjoys black bushing and the Owlsomeprecision ABEC 7 bearings that make them super-fast.

They are tailored for the 52mm x 31mm skateboard wheel sizes and also come with the 1/8″ superior black riser pads for easy use.

You can always buy them for a loved one who enjoys cruising. Thanks to how simple they are to install on the deck.

  • Black bushing
  • Abec 7 bearings
  • Superfast
  • Tailored for the 52mm x 31mm skateboard
  • Black riser pads
  • Aluminum alloy
  • Needs regular cleaning after use


#4. Cal 7 Longboard Skateboard Combo Trucks Package with 70mm Wheels

Longboard Skateboard Trucks Combo Set 70mm Bigfoot Pathfinder Wheels with Silver Trucks, Bearings, and Hardware Package (70mm Blue Wheels, 7.0 (9.63") Silver Trucks)

For people who just want the best truck skateboard another design that would do a great job for you is the Cal 7 Longboard Skateboard Combo Trucks Package with 70mm Wheels.

This set of skateboard trucks will also double up for the best longboarding experience in case you are in both disciplines.

They are great trucks with high-end durability that has been achieved from their aluminum alloy design.

Due to the aluminum design, the trucks will deliver unique performance and a solid ride like no other.

They come semi-assembled and won’t take you so much time to fully rig them up for your next ride. Thanks to the simple-to-follow user manual that this set of trucks comes with.

More importantly, these trucks are capable of leaving you with a smooth ride. They are perfect for cruising and will work pretty well with the 83mm 78A durometer wheels.

With a maximum support weight of about 250 lbs, these trucks are some of the top-rated designs that you will find today.

All you need to do is to get a deck and choose your best color from the tons of RAD colors that this manufacturer has provided.

The bearings come in a complete set and enjoy some of the most reliable steel hardware to go with.

  • Set of two
  • Affordable
  • Easy to fix on your board
  • Highly durable 356 t6 aluminum
  • Unmatched grind-ability
  • Kingpin clearance
  • Fewer wheel bites
  • Best precision turning
  • Catches dust easily


#5. INDEPENDENT 129mm Skateboard Silver Raw Trucks

INDEPENDENT Skateboard Trucks 129mm Silver Raw STAGE 11 7.75 in PAIR (2 trucks)

Apart from the ones that we have mentioned, we also have the best skateboard trucks for the street and the INDEPENDENT 129mm Skateboard Silver Raw Truck qualifies for the spot.

These trucks are highly reliable and will deliver one of the best performances when going down the streets and side pavements.

The trucks are made of a durable silver metallic alloy. With this alloy, durability is not in doubt and so is performance.

The trucks can, therefore, support higher weight capacity. It also has a great hanger and will leave enough space between the ground and the deck to allow you to have the best cruise down the streets.

Even better, the trucks have been tailored to support the 129 mm wheels with a hardness of up to 95A.

They come in a pair of two so that you can rig them on your deck and have a well-balanced cruiser under your feet.

Nonetheless, the trucks are only best for pro riders as they are designed with stage 11 cruisers too. Nonetheless, they are simple to use, easy to rig, and more importantly one of the most affordable buys.

All you need to find for these trucks is a maple board with the best bamboo touch for an ultimate sense of flexibility. In short, the board that you choose should be on point.

  • User manual
  • Support weight of about 250 lbs
  • Tons of rad colors
  • Reliable steel hardware
  • A durable silver metallic alloy
  • Come in a pair of two
  • Superfast for beginners


#6. Thunder Polished Skateboard Trucks

Thunder Unisex Adult Team The O.G. Trucks - Polished, Size 147

Like many other best cheap Skateboard trucks that we have seen, the Thunder Polished Skateboard Trucks also come in a set of two.

They are unique in design and enjoy one of the most reliable performances on any type of terrain that you might choose to use it on.

For starters, it is highly durable and comes in a unique and super stylish aluminum alloy that’s easy to clean and which doesn’t catch dirt easily.

The trucks also come with and super cool 7-inch hanger height that keeps them well suspended above the ground too.

In case you want to rig them on your chosen deck, you will only use the manual and follow it every step along the way. Thanks to its easy-to-follow guide.

Even so, you need to make sure that you get the right wheels for it. The trucks come in different sizes and will fit a variety of wheels. All you need to do is pick what fits your needs and also the type of truck that you have chosen.

Personally, I love these trucks because they are super light and once you have installed them on your deck, you will hardly feel any changes in the weight.

These pieces also enjoy a universal mounting touch and you can easily use them across the board too.

  • Well-balanced cruiser
  • Best for pro riders
  • Unique and super stylish aluminum alloy
  • Super cool 7-inch hanger
  • Easy to follow the guide
  • Super light
  • Universal mounting touch
  • Needs a keen eye when fixing


#7. Paris V2 50° 150mm Longboard Skateboard Trucks

PARRIS CLASSIC QUALITY TOYS EST. 1936 Paris V3 165mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks (Polished, Set of 2)

The Paris V2 50° 150mm Longboard Skateboard Trucks is another set of the best skateboard trucks for the street. It has numerous features that set it apart and which gives it the +touch that you need to cruise on the streets.

To begin with, they come in the perfect sizes. Typically, the Paris V2 Trucks are best for the smaller boards. Under them, they will provide a better fit size and the much-needed leverage with these trucks.

The trucks have one of the most unique carving perfection that allows them to go hand in hand with the wheel hardness of 90A.

They have urethane bushings that are known for the smoothest and fastest carves over the strongest or tightest spaces.

They are built to last and are designed with one of the most durable metallic alloys (virgin aluminum).

More importantly, they enjoy the T6 heat treatment technology that maximizes their sense of durability and which leaves them with the best grade 8 steel axles.

Like the other model above it, it also enjoys the best universal mounting technology which offers a 6-hole baseplate for the highest flexibility.

They are great for cruising longboard skateboards and can take you to speeds of up to 17 mph in no time so long as you are ready to ride and enjoy the lifetime warranty.

  • Best for the smaller boards
  • Most unique carving perfection
  • Urethane bushings
  • Fastest carves
  • Durable metallic alloy (virgin aluminum)
  • T6 heat treatment technology
  • Universal mounting technology
  • 6-hole baseplate
  • Highest flexibility
  • Designed for the pro riders alone


#8. Havoc 5.0 Aluminum Skateboard Trucks

Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks, Black

Another pair of the best skate trucks that you can also buy is the Havoc 5.0 Aluminum Skateboard Trucks. They are very much affordable and come in a variety of super cool colors to choose from.

The trucks are very much sturdy and also durable. Thanks to the top-rated aluminum alloy that they have been forged from.

More importantly, these trucks have one of the best heights above the ground and you can rest assured that irrespective of the type of terrain that you ride them on, you can still have a safe cruise.

The trucks have a black touch that helps them to keep dust off the setup and which also allows them to enjoy some of the most corrosion-free touches.

Even so, they have been rated as one of the best trucks with a super cool T6 heat treatment technology which enables them to have the best durability edge.

The trucks have a universal mounting and will fit any form of wheels, so you don’t actually need to worry once you choose to buy them.

Yet that’s not the only reason why skaters love this set of trucks. Like you will find out, they are also unique and will provide standard skateboard decks with enough leverage to fly.

That’s the more reason many previous users hail it and go for this pair every time they buy skateboard trucks.

Pros & Cons

  • Sturdy and also durable
  • Top-rated aluminum alloy
  • Best heights above the ground
  • T6 heat treatment technology
  • Universal mounting
  • Comes with no wheels


#9. Venture Salt N Pepper Hi 5.25 Skateboard Trucks

PARRIS CLASSIC QUALITY TOYS EST. 1936 Paris Street 169mm Skateboard Trucks (Set of 2, Raw/Raw)

Like the name suggests, the Venture Salt N Pepper Hi 5.25 Skateboard Trucks is indeed “bad news” too. Once you buy it, you won’t have a single doubt that you have had the best trucks for skateboards under your deck.

They are super reliable and quite strong too. Thanks to the aluminum alloy design that these trucks come from.

They also have a unique black touch that gives them the rugged touch they need. More importantly, they come in a pair of two which means that once you buy them you will have a well-raised board.

The trucks are wide enough to provide the deck with the support it needs and is also super light such that you will hardly notice them once they are fixed on your deck.

These trucks are top cruising trucks and they are best suited with wheels of 80A hardness which you can easily fix on its universal mountings.

The trucks are super light and will weigh less than two pounds. They are easy to fix on deck and come with easy to follow user manual that will guide you through every step of the way.

Thanks to its affordable pricing, buying these sets of trucks will allow you to enjoy some of the best cheap Skateboard trucks for your use.

  • Aluminum alloy design
  • Unique black touch
  • Super light
  • Universal mountings
  • Super light and will weigh less than two pounds
  • Affordable pricing
  • Takes time to fit


#10. TGM 180 Raw Paris Skateboards Longboard Trucks

TGM Skateboards RKP Raw Longboard Trucks Wheels Package 60mm x 41mm 83A 1545C Brown

Finally, we have the TGM 180 Raw Paris Skateboards Longboard Trucks. These are some of the best trucks skateboard that you could buy.

Apparently, they are one of the latest entrants in the market and are already enjoy some top-rated reviews and feedbacks.

The trucks are designed with a durable metallic alloy that gives them an edge when it comes to extra durability.

They are easy to use and will require very limited time to fix before you can jump on your deck and fly away.

The trucks are best suited for the 70 mm wheels and are some of the best sets when you want to enjoy smooth rides and top-rated carves in tight spaces.

Even better, skateboard these wheels come in an attractive red color that makes them some of the most attractive trucks.

They are very much affordable and you won’t have to spend an extra dollar once you actually have your deck on the ground.

They are best for all types of riders including skilled riders, pro, beginners, and also the experts too.

You can use them to practice and to fit into any type of terrain without feeling any kind of drag in the wind.

In case you want the best skateboard trucks for street riding, you can always start out with these trucks too. Thanks to the universal mounting and the baseplates that this set of trucks come within their package.

  • Durable metallic alloy
  • Easy to use
  • Attractive red color
  • Very much affordable
  • Best for all types of riders
  • Fit into any type of terrain
  • Vague user manual


Best Skateboard Trucks: Buying Guide

Now that you have gone through the best skateboard trucks that we laid for you, I believe that you are ready to pick your best choice. Well, take a look at these tips so that you get the real deal too.


If you don’t have a budget for your best trucks for skateboards, it is time that you did. This will prevent you from buying on impulse. More importantly, you won’t afford what you can’t pay for and a budget is a great way to set the pace.


User reviews are very important when you want to buy skateboard trucks. Indeed without user feedback and reviews, these brands as so many that you can easily end up getting confused and walking out with the wrong piece. User feedback will help you to anticipate a specific type of experience.


The reason I always insist on warranties is that they are good at helping you with the overtime cost. You will actually enjoy some of the best fixes without necessarily paying a dollar and this is very good.


This is very important. Owing to the type of work that the best cheap Skateboard trucks will do for you especially against the terrain, it is just in order that you look for a durable feat. A truck that’s made out of steel, aluminum, or any other metallic alloy will be the bomb.


The more the size of your skateboard trucks compares to the size of the deck the better it is for you. This is a great way to maintain the right balance and to make sure that you have an entirely stable setup when riding your skateboard.


A good height from the ground will make sure that you have the smooth ride that you need. Therefore, in consideration of your type of riding, you can always choose the best height for your trucks.

Best Cheap Skateboard Trucks: Additional Tips

While the considerations that we have mentioned above are really important, we suggest looking at the following things too when looking for a great set of skateboard trucks.

Size of Board

Different trucks have been designed for different sizes of boards. Knowing the size of your board will be very important. There are many other trucks that will go with the smaller, medium and large size boards.

Universal Mounting

Universal mounting on the skateboard trucks will allow you to use any form of wheels on your axles. It is the best thing to look at when you don’t actually know the size of your wheel and if you need a set of trucks.

Universal mounting always comes with six hole-baseplate that will make it very much compatible with all sizes of wheels.

T6 Heat Treatment

The T6 Heat Treatment is a technology that is used on skateboard trucks to give them the maximum strength and durability that they need. It is a great process that will leave you with a highly reliable set of trucks.

Urethane Bushings

Urethane Bushings are some of the best sets of bushings to go for in a set of trucks. They will leave you with very smooth rides, sleek fluid-like carves, and spot-on turns even on the tightest angles.

ABEC Bearings

The precision ABEC skate Bearings is used to give the trucks the type of performance like no other. They are very reliable and will deliver an out-of-this-world power, strength, and speed on the axles.

NOTE: In case you want to choose the best skate trucks for your personal use, focusing on some of these additional tips if not all of them will be very important.


Now you’ve got all the best skate trucks that you might need to choose from and the tips that will help you to make a better choice. We suggest going with the most important features that you might need including height from the ground, size of your board, and also durability.

If you do this, you will have an easy time choosing the very best skateboarding trucks for your outdoor uses.

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