Top 5 Best Skateboard Decks: Ultimate Guide [Expert Page]

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In the market today, there are various types of skateboards. Selecting the best is based on your level of experience, height and price are among the few things to consider. It is imperative to have the best skateboard deck to be able to enjoy the sport and prevent accidents and injuries. To build a skateboard, first decks are necessary. The best skate deck reviews should provide the required stability and durability.

This guide gives in-depth knowledge about the best skate decks in the market for different categories of individuals. Additionally, the guide provides you with additional information you require to consider before purchasing that good skateboard decks, with the aim of ensuring you get the best skateboard deck designs.

#1. Skateboard Collective Blank Skateboard Deck

Skateboard Collective 8.25" Blank Skateboard Deck Random Top/Natural Bottom, Self-Customizable Skateboard Deck, 7-Ply Maple Construction, Random Topsheet Color

This Blank Skateboard Deck is made from cold-pressed maple. The top skateboard deck can support up to a maximum of 220 lbs. This property makes it one of the most durable boards in the market today. The deck is ideal for any tricks due to its concavity. The tricks can be done on streets and ramps, making it one of the best skateboard decks for the street. As such, it can be used by pros who want to do maneuvers as they skate. Also, the deck comes with graphics, both trendy and vintage to make it attractive.

I think it’s one of the best skate decks of the current time. All the skateboards used in this deck are used= Ten Toes Board Emporium, Minority, Miawheels, KPC, Emporium, RudeBoyz, Cal 7, Rimable, Krown, Ohderii Etc. Moreover, the collective Blank Good Skateboard Deck comes in various sizes for all levels i.e., 7.75″ x 31.5″, 8” x 31. 75”, 8.25″ x 32″, 8.38” x 32” as well as 8.5″ x 32.5″,

  • Weight support up-to 220lbs
  • Easy to maneuver
  • cheapskate decks
  • Ideal for tricks
  • Hard-rock cold-pressed maple
  • Most durable skateboard decks
  • Random Color highest Veneer
  • Price tag


#2. Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Decks

Bamboo Skateboards Moso Graphic Skateboard Deck, Natural, 7.75" x 31.5"

Bamboo skateboards come first when it comes to flexibility. They are made from top-quality bamboo, thus giving the best results regarding durability and performance. They are made from Maplewood and 6-ply bamboo for improved board sustainability. This makes the board ideal for any skill level. Note that the best skateboard deck designs for pop are made from bamboo.

The decks are concave, and this makes it easier for a skater to control them while riding, doing tricks, or taking hard turns. Moreover, the bamboo graphic skateboard come in various sizes for all levels i.e., 7.75″ x 31.5″, 8.25″ x 32″ as well as 8″ x 31.75″,

  • Friendly price
  • Ideal for all levels of riding skill
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Most durable skateboard decks
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Snapping within a month


#3. Bamboo Skateboards Blank Short Board Deck

Bamboo Skateboards Bamboo Skateboard Blank Short Board Deck, Natural, 7.0" X 28"

This 7-inch wide and 28-inch long deck is made from a combination of 6 ply bamboo and maple wood, giving you comfort beneath your feet. This superb deck is simple in design but ideal for all skill levels, i.e., beginner and pros, not forgetting the aggressive skaters. The deck weighs 2 pounds, thus qualifying to call a light deck. This deck can be comfortably be used by anyone above 13 years.

With the maple wood, the deck is stiff thus being able to hold heavy skaters.  With a super smooth and unblemished finish, you can make perfect artwork on this deck. The concavity and the double kicktail make it easier to do tricks under ideal control.

  • Ideal for people of all ages
  • Lightweight
  • cheapskate decks
  • Flexibility makes it ideal for tricks
  • A great option for graphics
  • Most durable skateboard decks
  • Price friendly
  • Cannot withstand continuous use


#4. Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck

Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck (Colors may vary 7.75-Inch)

The warning blank top skateboard decks are available in either 8 or 7.7 inches wide. The decks serve as the best replacement options for other decks. Providing a comfortable feel under the feet as well as a smooth ride, these decks are ideal for all levels of skating skills. Since the good skateboard deck is blank, you can decorate it as per your liking. To do so, you will only need to san the deck first.

The deck is strong as well as durable owing to the combination of 7 ply maple and strong bamboo. This feature makes the deck to be used in various places. Being concave makes increases maneuverability, and makes it easier to perform tricks.

  • Lightweight
  • Can be used by skaters of all ages
  • Works well as a replacement deck
  • Strong and durable
  • Flexible
  • Supports heavier skaters
  • Price friendly
  • You can differentiate tail from head easily
  • Some customers complain of
  • Stained color/ color Inconsistencies
  • Not pretty sturdy


#5. Moose Old School Skateboard Deck

Moose Old School Skateboard Deck (10" x 30", Natural)

Moose skateboard reviews through this, you will find out its features. This ten-inch wide by the 30-inch wide natural deck is one of the strongest decks in the market today, with the potential to hold up to 360 lbs. The deck weighs 3.6 lbs. Moreover, the deck is made up of normal wood, both the top and the bottom. With a slight concave and a kicked nose and tail, this superior deck was built with the old school skaters in mind.

The width of this deck enhances stability for the skaters. As such this makes one of the best skateboard decks for beginners. The space between the trucks on the skateboard is 14 inches. This further enhances stability. The deck has a great deal of concavity just as the modern decks. However, to perform tricks, you will need to be a bit skilled.

  • Moderate flexibility
  • Strong and durable due to the seven-ply Canadian maple
  • Comes in a clear coating
  • cheapskate decks
  • Most durable skateboard decks
  • Does not come with grip tape


The buying guides

While choosing the decks to consider;


This is the distance between the nose and the tail of the deck, usually ranging between 28 and 32 inches. However, longer former exist, and such are used only by pros. Short decks are narrower as compared to longer counterparts. Short-boards are ideal for street riding. They are suitable for performing tricks while the longboards are ideal for professional skaters who like cruising in towns and also want to improve stability.

The best beginners longboard info here


The width of the skateboard ranges from 7.5 to 8.75 inches. Wider decks perform better than narrower decks. These decks offer a much controlled as well as better performance. While learning a new trick, it is advisable to use wide decks as they offer a wider surface for your feet. Moreover, they provide a wide center of gravity.

If you want to perform tricks such as kick flipping easily, narrow decks will do fine. But remember, they are best suited for street skateboarders.


This is the distance between the two sets of holes drilled into the decks for the trucks. This distance usually ranges between 13 and 25 inches. However, the length is based on the skater’s preference and height. Wheelbase is critical to determine how the rider feels when riding. For short individuals, a narrower wheelbase is fine while for tall counterparts a wider wheelbase is essential as it provides stability when skating down a road.


The type of deck you choose determines your riding experience. There are four basic shapes, and each shape stands for a particular style

  • Short-board; ideal for tricks. It is perfect for street or park riders.
  • Cruiser; ideal for cruising. They have kicktails. They are a bit longer but maneuverable.
  • Old school; they are asymmetrical; flat wider nose and cocktails. These properties make them ideal for carving, skating pools, and ramps.
  • Longboards; are professional decks and are ideal for downhill racing thanks to their symmetrical shape having a profile that is low to ground.

It is important to understand a deck before purchasing one.


There are various shapes of decks among them;

  • Flat; this type gives a large surface area for your feet and easily allows performing some tricks
  • Convex; their shape is upward aching. These are recommended for pros only, on downhill skating.
  • Tub; curved to form a U with a sharp angle along the rails of the decks. This property allows keeping your feet flat, and when you need to provide sudden energy shifts, this comes in handy.
  • Concave; this type provides more foot-hold than any other type and as such plays a very crucial role in the performance of your deck. There are deferent forms of concave available among them;
  • Radial concave; it is U in shape. it provides excellent foot grip, hence prefer in most styles of skateboarding
  • Progressive skateboarding; similar to radial but with a bit steeper wall. This provides a comfortable foot base.
  • W-concave; this modification has another curve at the centerline. This allows shifting energy while riding from your heels to your toes. This improves precision, responsiveness as well as briskness while skateboarding.

What are other features of a skateboard deck?

  • Nose and the tail: the nose is the front of the deck while the tail forms the hind part of the deck. The majority of the decks sold on the market have identity marks for these regions. The nose usually has a bigger kick than the tail.
  • Mounting holes; this is where you fix your truck. Most decks usually have one set of these mounting holes while a few come with multiples of them.
  • Rails; are edges along the length of the deck. The majority have rounded rails which makes it easier to do some flip tricks while a few are sharp but with blunt edges, an important feature in keeping your shoes in place while skating. New kinds include the GPs.


Skateboarding is an interesting sport. To enjoy it you need a powerful board that will enable you to enjoy the sport. With numerous designs of skateboards in the market you can select the best board from the best skateboard deck design companies by reading through guides and reviews about the products. You need to understand your skill level, to be able to know whether you will need, a wider board or a narrow board. Also, your height and type of skating will majorly depend on the board and your not buy cheap skate decks, as they may disappoint you.

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