Top 10 Best Longboard Wheels in (Jun 2021 Affordable Price)

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Having a nice time on your longboard means you are riding excellently.  Riding excellently will mean all components of our longboard are in perfect conditions. Wheels form a crucial part of your board. Every rider understands how critical wheels are to their smooth rolling, stability as well as maneuverability. At present, skateboarders believe that there is no difference between the better Longboard Wheels and the better Skateboard Wheels.

Considering the different sizes of boards, we also have different sizes of wheels. Each type of wheel fits a particular size of a longboard. You must have comprehensive knowledge for you to be able to buy a perfect wheel for your board. This guide gives in-depth knowledge on how to get the best longboard wheels.

#1. MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

MBS 13401 - Black All-Terrain Longboard Wheels - 100mm X 65mm - Black

The wheel provides great traction on loose dirt, sand, and even on pavements thanks to the threading it possesses. Its wide size is significant in enhancing stability as well as allowing smoothing movement. It is described as one of the best longboards for cruising wheels by its users. It can roll over small obstacles that come its way. Its traction on pavements is equally fantastic. However, the wheels will press you hard when you use that in an off-road condition.

  • Excellent traction
  • All-terrain wheels- can roll over small gaps on railways, pebbles as well as small sticks.
  • Wide surface for stability
  • Heavy and may require a motor
  • Become bald after a short time


#2. Sector 9 slide butterballs skate wheels set of 4

Sector 9 Slide Butterballs Longboard Wheels - 70mm 80a (Set of 4)

Rated as one of the best wheels for freeriding, sector nine slide butterballs skate wheels. The wheels can roll over rough surfaces as well as be able to initiate the slides and drifts easily thanks to its duro of 75a and 80a. The material used to make the wheel is resistant to wear and tear hence making the wheel durable. Besides, they are described as the best longboard wheels for sliding.

  • Excellent in rough terrain
  • Maximum grip due to the cosmic center set core
  • Durable
  • Offers a soft ride
  • Rounded tips for break traction
  • Slide easily than the smooth wheels due to their stone-ground nature
  • Do not require break-in periods
  • Wheels wear out evenly thanks to the cosmic core
  • None so far


#3. Arbor Mosh 82A Skateboard Wheels (Set of 4)

Arbor Mosh 82A Skateboard Wheels (Set of 4), White, 65mm

These high-quality wheels offer comfortable riding since they are made of a soft urethane compound. Its size, i.e. 65mm makes it suitable for cruising as well as maneuvering the gaps, small rocks, and debris on your way. As one of the best longboard slide wheels, Arbor Mosh 82A has 41 mm contact patch that will allow you to push your wheel sideways easily. Also, the center set core allows for easier for smoother slider initiation as well as an easier kick back.

On hills, the wheels give maximum fun and give descent roll hence the best downhill longboard wheels. Also, it’s one of the best cheap longboard wheels

  • Long-lasting
  • Comes with multiple durometers allowing you to select what suits you
  • They come as ready to slide package
  • Give a comfortable and smooth riding
  • Easy to slide
  • Difficult to control


#4. Everland 65x51mm wheels black

Everland Longboard Skateboard Cruiser Wheels 65x51mm (Clear Black)

The wheels are excellent for longboards hence fit for cruising. They roll smoothly due to their softness. Moreover, this softness gives a comfortable feeling to the riders. Any rider will to cruise hill, pavements, as well as slightly rugged terrain, will appreciate these types of wheels. And it can also use the penny longboard. With a durometer of 78a, you are assured of soft and smooth riding.

The wheels come in a set of 4 each with dimensions of 65x51mm. This implies that you will have similar tires for skateboard or longboard.

  • Can be used for both longboard and skateboard
  • It is best longboard wheels for cruising
  • Come in a set of 4
  • Durable
  • Smooth riding
  • Threading fades easily


#5. Bigfoot longboard wheels 80A SHR mountain cruiser, black, 76mm

Bigfoot Longboard Wheels 76mm 80A SHR Mountain Cruisers Translucent Green

As lightweight wheels, they are excellent for beginners’ longboard. Besides, the wheels offer excellent cruise due to their firm grip. The softness of the wheels gives a comfortable feel under your feet as you ride your longboard. With a duro of 80a, you are guaranteed an excellent cruise downhill. This is due to the stability and the grip. Its size confers additional stability than most other wheels. Thus, it stands out as one of the best longboard sliding wheels. Its offset core makes the wheels grip as you turn and at the same time allowing you to control your slides. The wheels come in black color.

  • Cheap
  • Excellent for downhill skating and carving
  • Soft and comfortable ride
  • It is best longboard wheels for cruising
  • Maximum grip
  • Difficult to control speed especially for beginners


#6. 70mm longboard skateboard wheels + ABEC 7 bearing spacers (gel blue)

FREEDARE 70mm Longboard Wheels with ABEC-7 Bearings and Spacers(Black,Set of 4)

The wheels come with high-quality ABEC 7 bearings and spacer’s hardness. Additionally, the wheels have a duro of 80a which offers excellent stability and firm grip when sliding. A size of 70-mm x 52mm confers stability too. They come in a set of 4. They come in red color. The wheels slide smoothly but with greater stability. This makes it easier to maneuver the curve as well. The wheels are excellent for cruising on rough terrain. The wheel rides naturally.

  • Comes with a set of 8 ABEC 7 bearing, a set of 4 8mmx10mm bearing spacers
  • Stable
  • The hardness of 80a for smoother sliding
  • ABEC 7 bearing enhance smother rolling of the wheels hence cruising all terrains
  • The chip under hard use


#7. Bigfoot cored classics longboard wheels

Bigfoot Cored Classics Longboard Wheels Black, 97mm

These big-sized wheels are amazing when it comes to cruising. If you buy these wheels, then your longboard must have a large wheel clearance. They are a little softer thus giving a more comfortable feel beneath the feet. The large size these wheels offer makes them stable. With a 78a durometer, you are assured of a smoother and comfortable roll. Besides, their design makes them stylish.

The wheels come in red, green, and black colors. When you order these tires, they will be freely shipped to you. Depending on the size, the wheels have different prizes. Their prices also depend on the material they are made of.

  • Stable
  • Durable
  • It is best longboard wheels for cruising
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Complains that they are not really 78a


#8. Shark wheel 1000S70MMS80AB longboard wheels, 70mm/80a, make the formula

Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels | California Roll | White (4-Pack)

This top-quality wheel works exceptionally well when it comes to speed and sliding. They are excellent for rough terrains hence the best longboard wheels for rough roads. The higher durometer-80a is essential in speed and stability as it is the wheel diameter-70mm. This implies that the wheel can cruise at a higher speed, and still you can feel the comfort beneath your feet. Besides, with a durometer of 80a, you can use comfortable maneuver as well as curve if you are an expert skater. Their lightweight makes them excellent for maneuvering.

If you want a perfect ride all the time, shark wheels are the way to go. Such a wheel will never disappoint you.

  • Stable
  • Long-lasting
  • Smoother riding
  • Affordable
  • lightweight
  • Not good for beginners


#9. Shark wheel sidewinder 70mm 78a

Shark Wheel 70 mm 78a Longboard Wheels | Sidewinder | Amber (4-Pack)

Described as an all-terrain wheel, the shark wheel sidewinder stands out as one of the wheels that can be used for both the longboard and skateboards. These wheels have been reinvented to meet the market demand. They have been designed to ride more smoothly, to the last longer, and glide even faster than the normal standard wheels.

If you have a smaller deck, then this is the wheel to go for. Besides, they provide a much firmer grip, slide control in numerous terrains which makes them great for cruising.

You can cruise almost everywhere with these high-quality wheels.

  • Excellent in rough terrain
  • Durable/long-lasting
  • Excellent slide control
  • Smooth sliding-little friction
  • None so far


#10. Shark wheel 70 mm or 60 mm longboard/cruiser wheels (78a) with free shiver ABEC 9 bearings

FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels 60mm 83a with Bearings and Spacers Cruiser Wheels (Black,Pack of 4)

These best cheap longboard wheels come with a free shiver ABEC 9 bearing. The bearing is useful in the movement of the wheels. Also, the bearing comes with inbuilt spacers together with speed rings. The wheels have the shape of the sine wave. The wheels have performed excellently on rough terrain as they can roll over as well as around objects. The wheels slide smoothly, and they have incredible slide control. You can slide the wheels without much effort thanks to the little friction.

When has won the international competition (shark tank) due to its high performance?

  • Slides smoothly
  • Found in two sizes, i.e. 60 and 70 mm
  • Excellent in rough terrain
  • Easy to control
  • Comfortable when riding
  • Less stable than other wheels


Buyers guide

Every skater needs to understand the wheels of his or her skateboard/longboard. It is incredibly wrong to assume that all-wheel is similar, yet a significant difference exists among them. The modern wheels are made from polyurethane material. Such wheels are crafted with high precision hence they are almost perfect as pertains to function.

Wheel characteristics


The diameter of skateboard and longboard wheels is given in millimeters. The size is described as small, medium, or large. The average wheel measure 70mm. To arrive at the correct size of a wheel, consider,

Where to skate; larger-sized wheels are excellent in downhill skating (cover a longer distance a single revolution) while the small-sized wheels are excellent for park riding or skating on the streets of towns. Large-sized wheels are unique when it comes to transport services. Remember that most wheels have a diameter of above 60mm.

Size of the deck; longboards usually have longer decks. Also, some are drop-through. Such decks have the capability of accommodating larger tires because they have enough wheel space. Longboard decks than skateboard decks are taller

Large-sized wheels are excellent on longboards. They enable faster movement. However, such wheels have low stability unless the wheelbase is wide enough. Note also that such wheels don’t work well with the top-mount boards. On the other hand, the smaller wheels attain acceleration at a faster rate. They have greater stability. However, they do not function properly when they encounter debris.


This is the hardness of the urethane. The measurement is indicated by a number followed by a letter a. the durometer depends on the type of board you choose the ride;

Usually, Longboards ride smooth/soft. Most of them have a durometer ranging from 75a to 85a. This durometer makes them quieter than their skateboard counterparts. The advantage of this is that they easily ride over debris, hence efficient in cruising.

On the other hand, Skateboards have harder wheels with an approximate durometer of about 88a. Such wheels slide easily as they have little friction. Moreover, they are faster and noisy.


This means the surface of the wheel in contact with the pavement. It starts from the inner lip to the outer lip. Its measurements are given in millimeters. The width may range from a mere 30 mm to a massive 70 mm.

Wider wheels give more grip, and as such, they are suitably used in cruising boards While narrow wheels are excellent for freestyle riding due to their little friction. Wider wheels are preferred when doing downhill racing.


The shape of the lip is critical in determining stability- when lips are sharp, they offer more grip than rounded ones.

Additional information

To confer additional stability and uniformity to your board, you will require wheels with a core. Besides, the core I essential in ensuring that your longboard bearings are correctly aligned. When the cores are tall, the wheels will move faster, and when they are wide, they protect the wheels again deformation during hard riding. In short wide cores work to stabilize the wheels.

The cores exist in three forms, i.e. offset, center, and side set. The three placements are fit for a particular type of ride. Centre set provides more traction, and they are the commonest. The side set is placed closer to the inner lip and reduces traction while the offset is the comprise between the two.


How do you know a wheel is fit for your deck?

Consider the size and wheelbase of your deck. Larger decks will require larger decks and vice versa

What are built-in bearings?

These are bearings that have the inner race elongated acting as both the washer and the and spacer.

What is ABEC?

It is the engineering rating standards that give the deviation allowed from the nominal of the bearing spinning on its axis at speed, and it’s run out. Numbers range from one to nine.


Selecting the best wheel for your deck is a very critical step. The best longboard wheels for sliding will guarantee your safety. In the market today, there exist numerous cheap longboard wheels wheel brands for both longboards and skateboards. Before selecting one, reading and analyzing shark wheels review is essential in choosing the best wheel.

From numerous designed displayed both online and in the local shops, you can get the best wheel as the amount of money you have. Always ensure that you are not exploited as well as given a low-quality tire.

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