Best Budget Best Cheap Longboard in 2019

Longboard skating is one of the most interesting sports in the world today. The sport requires maintaining control and dynamic balance on the board. Generally, it is practiced by children and young adults looking for an exciting experience.

However, many people many people often believe that longboards are expensive, but the reality is that they are affordable. The quality of some cheap longboards under 50 is also as good as that of costlier ones; therefore, you can use these board without any fear that your performance will be limited. In this guide, we will be reviewing the cheap longboards for beginners and experienced skaters. You will also find a buyer’s guide and additional information to help you make an informed decision in your purchase.

#1. MAGIC UNION 41 ̎ Maple Drop Down Longboard Complete Skateboard

If you are looking for the best dropdown longboard, then you should consider buying this cheap longboard. It measures 41 inches in length and it’s a budget-friendly option that blends quality and durability.

The deck is sturdy and solid enough to accommodate users who can weigh up to 330 pounds. This high weight limit is attributed to the fact that it featured a powder-coated aluminum track that is about 7 inches. In addition, users can be sure that they will enjoy the ride with the help of its ABEC-11 chrome steel bearing that is famed for high speed.

Another thing is that this longboard features a PU shock-absorbent ring. These features provide more cushioning and comfort to the user, thus giving them a great skateboarding experience. This cheap longboard can be used for speed riding and freestyle as well a downhill longboarding.

Pros & Cons


  • Ability to handle up to 330 pounds
  • Affordable option
  • Guarantees a quiet and smooth ride with its bearings
  • Comes with a PU shock-absorbent ring to providing comfort and cushioning


  • For better performance, you may want to upgrade the trucks

#2. PUENTE 41" Longboard Skateboard

This is another great product that you should consider buying if you are looking for a cheap yet high-quality longboard skateboard. The longboard skateboard measures 41 inches by 10 inches. The drop through style nine-ply maple laminated with the heat transfer pattern in addition to the full coverage 80A black grip tape.

Aside from that, the skateboard comes with a high-duty truck that measures 7 inches. The drop through longboard has a maximum supporting weight of 22o pounds, which is great considering that many people are not that heavy.

In addition, this longboard features chrome bearing. The BEC-9 bearing that comes with high speed lubricates, you are able to skate faster and smoothly with experiencing any drag. This also allows you to perform tricks easily as the board will move with the speed you want it to.

Its wheels measure 70mm by 51mm and have 85A hardness PU with a rebound of 70%. This makes the longboard durable and quieter. They are built downhill speeding. With a low center of gravity and a wide turning radius, it is suitable for people who love sports.

Pros & Cons


  • High-duty truck
  • Chrome bearing
  • Build for downhill riding


  • Some users have complained about the bearings

#3. RockBirds Skateboard 44 complete super longboard skateboard

This 44inch longboard is the perfect size for anyone who is looking for a good cheap longboard. It is made with six layers of Hardwood maple and one layer of beautiful artisan bamboo deck that is shaped to give it the ultimate performance.

The longboard has high-density emery waterproof, non-proof surface that makes you feel safe when riding the skateboard. It has the ability to hand a load of 330 pounds of 150 kg, which means it is able to accommodate a majority of skaters.

It also comes with durable 70mm by 51mm 78A PE wheels with precision bearings of ABEC-7. This lets you enjoy a smooth ride and skate down the road. Not all the skateboards are refined like RockBirds and the components are raw materials are made from high-quality materials for better performance.

Pros & Cons


  • Strong longboard constructed from high-quality material
  • Waterproof and non-slip surface makes it safe to ride
  • Made from refined materials
  • Bearings guarantee smooth riding


  • Some users complain that the grip tapes peel off after some time

#4. MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard 40 ̎ Drop Deck

For those who love using drop deck longboard, you should get this longboard. It has the construction of a classic downhill drop model. This makes it possible for the longboard to have a low-gravity construction, making it suitable for speed rides.

The longboard is made from 100% eight-ply cold-pressed hard rock maple wood deck. This way, you can be sure that you are using a skateboard is sturdy and stable. When combined with the 37-inch wheelbase and its deck, which is about 10 inches. In addition, the deck has enough strength that is able to accommodate riders up to 220 pounds.

It is also asymmetrical board shapes that prevent wheel bit from all the angles. These trucks also use carbon steel axle and kingpin, which can be adjusted between 45 degrees and 50 degrees. This is also a great option for carving and cruising.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to ride and maneuver
  • Can handle up to 220 pounds
  • Sturdy and highly stable
  • Low gravity construction


  • Truck nuts are not rust resistant

#5. Punisher Skateboards Voodoo Complete 31 ̎ Skateboard

This is a high-quality longboard made from 31.5 inches by 7.75 inches 7-ply Canadian maple. It is also a mild concave longboard for superior control when doing tricks, turning, and riding.

With its punisher ABE-7 high-speed bearing, you can be sure of a smooth ride even when doing tricks and riding down the hill. There is also polyurethane cushions which makes you feel comfortable when riding it. The Punisher skateboard logo printing makes it looks beautiful. It also features 5-inch heavy-duty allow buses and trucks.

The 50mm by 30mm PU cast ivory white wheel that give you the best riding experience. It also has full-color graphics on one of the sides and a heavy-duty 8AB grip tape on the other. You don’t need to assemble anything as it has been done for you.

Pros & Cons


  • Complete high-quality longboard
  • Mild concave longboard gives you superior control
  • No assembly is required
  • High-speed bearings


  • Some users say the board warps after some time

#6. Atom drop deck longboard

This is a low-riding longboard that measures 41 inches in length. The fact that it rides means it is more stable, making it the perfect option for carving and downhill longboarding. The ease of pushing that comes with this longboard minimizes wear and tear. The unique perimeter shape allows for 9.6 inches leverage in every turn, thus preventing wheel bite.

It also comes with a full maple laminate deck, which makes it look beautiful and it can last longer than you can imagine. Another thing about this longboard is that it comes with a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturers against defects in workmanship and materials.

Pros & Cons


  • Rides low, so you can be sure that you will maintain balance
  • With the board riding low, it reduces the effort that you have to use when pushing it
  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty against defects from the manufactures
  • Unique design gives leverage of 9.6 inches on every turn


  • Deck sticker has not been put on properly

#7. Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Downhill/Cruiser Freeride Complete Longboard 36 inch

This is another great product from a top brand. The longboard is made from 8-py cold-pressed maple wood. This goes a long way in improving durability. Most importantly, it makes the board durable and sturdy enough in that it prevents all challenges and obstacles that are associated.

With a length of 34 inches, this longboard is completely perfect for craving. In addition, it is easy to maneuver, manage and control. The length is also great for people who are looking for more standing space as well as for those who are looking to spread their feet abut more for maximum pleasure.

This is the perfect longboard for anyone who loves curving and flexing. It has gullwing sidewinder truck that makes it easier to turn and cruise with ease.

Pros & Cons


  • Has sidewinder trucks that make it easier to turn
  • The ideal longboard for carving at high speed
  • Reduces tension in ankles
  • Works great for both beginners and experts


  • To sustain ample pressure, you may have to use larger wheels

#8. Atom Longboards Atom All-Terrain Longboard – 39 inches

This is the best skateboard you will want to get for all terrain. And for this purpose, they feature super high rebound urethane wheels. This wheel gives the perfect combination for better road traction and high speed on the road. In addition, the 46-grit off-road grip provides more control over the board. Regardless, wherever you are riding fast on road or off-road, the tape will provide the support you need.

It also has a low-profile design. This gives the board a high level of stability. The board is designed in a way that the deck drops down, and with the low-profile design, the center of gravity is reduced, thus offering more stability.

In addition, the deck of this skateboard is made from maple-lam which makes it last longer. The manufacturer also maintains the quality of all its products by install ABEC 9 bearings on its boards.

Pros & Cons


  • Long lasting and sturdier deck
  • Reverse kingpin trucks
  • Low profile design
  • Grade 8 kingpins


  • Its heavier trucks make it difficult to perform tricks

#9. MBS All-Terrain Longboard

If you are looking for a great longboard for both off-road and on-road travel ventures? Then you should consider this longboard. This longboard has high rebound tires and specially designed trucks and deck that ensures comfort for every ride.

The 190mm navigator drone trucks help to provide precision when turning. The sturdy maple-lam drop deck helps to maintain a low center of gravity for off-roading as well as pushing.

In addition, the ABEC 9 bearings that come with this longboard are rubber shielded. You also don’t have to worry about assembling this longboard as it comes assembled.

Pros & Cons


  • It is made from high quality and durable bearing s
  • The wheels provide enough to handle off roads
  • The deck is designed for both off-road and high-speed riding
  • It also comes fully assembled


  • Noisy on tarmac roads
  • No brakes and there is no way has been provided for adding them

#10. Kahuna Creations Master Crafted Longboard

This amazing longboard measures 59 inches by 14 inches by 6 inches. Its deep, wide wheels provide the ability needed when skateboarding at a fast speed. This is the perfect longboard for SUP style riding.

The skateboard comes fully assembled, so you don’t have to go through the hustle of putting it together. It also has come with grizzly 180mm trucks and 70mm 82A and premium bearings that provide a smooth ride even when riding fast.

This nice setup has no grip take to allow smooth board walking. In addition, it is able to handle up to 400 pounds of weight, which is just incredible.

Pros & Cons


  • It is made and assembled in the United States
  • Wide wheels provide stability
  • Can handle an amazing 400 pounds of weight


  • Some users complain that it comes with fake bearings

How to choose the best longboard

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when looking for the best longboard under 200for skating:

•    Cruising

This is the most common activity that people do on a longboard. Cruising is basically riding the longboard for recreational purposes. One of the best things about longboarding is the fact that it is a relatively easy and fast way to move around. If you are looking for the best longboard for cruising, then choose one that is flexible and has a soft wheel to make your ride a lot smoother.

•    Carving

Carving is a form of cruising related to cruising in some way. While cruising is done on the ground that is relatively flat, carving is done on a gradual hill where pushing is not needed.

When carving down a hill, you will have to make “S-shaped” movements so as to avoid going too fast. This way, the rider can gain control over the speed of the board. Carving is very important when it comes to longboarding. The right longboards you need to get for skating should have soft wheels that cannot slip when making tight turns. In addition, they should have responsive trucks to help you turn better.

•    Downhill

Longboarding downhill is fast becoming a sport that many people love. Longboard skaters go downhill at a speed that exceeds 50mph while still navigating a course. One of the main characteristics of the best downhill longboard is that they tend to be a bit lower to the ground to allow riders to build momentum with less energy while maintaining balance without any problem.

These longboards are less flexible than other longboards on the market. This is mainly because they are built to give the rider better control rather than steering. As you probably know, a quick turn at such high speeds could result in injury and damage. For this reason, downhill longboards are not recommended for beginners. Before you buy a downhill longboard, make sure that you have some experience and ensure that you wear protective gear

•    Freeriding

Also known as freestyle, it is another form of the sport that involves adding some tricks to casual forms of longboarding.  Just like traditional skateboards, you can also use longboards to perform tricks. Most tricks involve ridings, such as tiger claws or power slides.

Longboard riding styles

Every board has basic features, which include cutouts, kicktails, and wheels. Here is a description of these features:


This is what you will see at the ends of the regular skateboard. You may find that it is slightly inclined to allow the rider to easily lift the longboard from the ground and perform some tricks. You will find this in all freestyle boards.

Wheel wells or cut-outs

These features are meant to prevent wheel bite. When the rider cuts a corner too hard, the wheels may come in contact with the skateboard. Wheel wells prevent the wheels from damaging the board.


Apart from the grip tape, concave helps the rider to maintain balance on the board. The rails or edges of the board are a bit higher than its center. This way, the feet of the rider will have better contact with the board. You can find this feature in freeride and downhill boards.


Like concave, W-concave helps the rider to maintain their feet on the board. With the concave shape, it’s more like two concaves on the skateboard. You can find this feature on expensive freeride and downhill boards.

There are two mainboard shapes. These shapes can be used by both beginners and experts:


these skateboards only move in one direction. A good example of this is cruiser board, freestyle boards, and downhill board

Twin or symmetrical: These skateboards are designed to feel and look the same regardless of the direction you ride them. They are perfect for making 180-degree slides.


Finding the best cheap longboard should not be challenging or confusing. With the right information and guide, you will be able to make the right choice regardless of the kind of board you are looking for. In addition, you have to make sure that you choose the right size longboard so as to improve your chances of staying comfortable when riding the board. 

You have to make sure that the longboard cheap you choose has the perfect combination or price and quality. That means it should fit your budget without compromising on quality. We hope that the information we have provided here will help you to make an informed decision. Good luck!

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