Best Carving Longboard for Longboard Lovers in 2021

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Carving is an important practice in longboarding. It slows you down and gives you more control over your longboard. In addition. the fluid motion resulting from carving downhill is a pleasure to watch. It’s like riding on waves and has developed into an art. As a longboarder. not only do you want to enjoy yourself. you also want to look good on the street and impress people.

If you are looking for a guide to the best Longboards for cruising and carving. look no further! Here. I discuss the best cheap longboards for carving and cruising. their pros. and their cons.

The Best Longboards for Carving

Reviewed 8 Best Carving Longboards of the present time which discussed why to use, how to do and why to not use.

1. MammyGol 42 Inch Maple Longboard Through Complete Skateboard

NOBONDO 41 Inch Longboard Skateboard - Canadian Maple Complete Long Board Skateboard Cruiser for Cruising, Carving, Free-Style and Downhill

This long-board has a classic. retro-surf style design for cruising. carving. commuting. and downhill riding. with low-gravity structures that make it ideal for going at any speed and still be safe. It has a deck size that is 42 inches long and 9.2 inches wide-perfect for classic downhill riding. In addition to this. the deck also has a fascinating and creative design and is made of 100% Canadian Maple Wood.

  • The super-strong 8-ply curved maple and epoxy makes the board strong enough to accommodate both heavy and light passengers. You needn’t worry about the board breaking!
  • It also has a reverse slide on the black surface. Balance is everything when going downhill. For great balance when going fast downhill. this board has 70mm diameter and 50mm wide wheels. It also comes with ABEC-11 bearings that allow you to enjoy an unparalleled smooth ride and an unforgettable experience. Not only will you enjoy boarding. but you will also look good too.
  • Finally. it comes with a 12- month warranty and you get efficient and friendly customer service to answer all your questions. Order it now and impress yourself and your boarding buddies!
  • ​Low gravity boards are less responsive.

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2. Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard Complete

Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete (80a Stimulus, Flex 2)

​This is the ultimate longboard for freestyle. freeride. carving. pumping. and generally getting you where you want to go in a way you enjoy. Its drop-through truck mounting gives you great stability. The nose and tail make for advanced freestyle trickery and is great for navigating tricky city streets. It has a cambered profile and is mildly concave to create a comfortable. a responsive platform for carve-oriented boarding. Inspired by the snowboard. its design combines vertically laminated bamboo and fibreglass to give a durable. lightweight. and lively ride.

  • ​The bamboo and fibreglass material provides an energetic flex ideal for hard carving and pumping.
  • ​This longboard comes available in 3 flex ratings for a ride tailored to your weight and style. The lower flex favours heavy and aggressive riders. while the higher flex is better for lighter riders or those who prefer a more responsive board.
  • ​The longboard also comes with Paris 180mm. 50° matte black trucks that deliver a smooth and controlled turning response. Additionally. it has orangutang 70mm stimulus wheels for grip and slides to give an all-round riding experience.
  • ​The softer 80a orange formula is perfect for commuting. cruising. and carving.
  • ​Softer wheels tend to be slower on smooth surfaces.

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3. Loaded Boards Fattail Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete

Loaded Boards Fattail Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete (80a Stimulus, Flex 1)

​One of the best longboards for cruising and carving out there. This is a modern take on the classic pintail longboard. It is ideal for carving. pumping. commuting. freestyle. and freeride. and any time you want a lively energetic ride. Its elegant design includes mild concave braces that brace your feet and a top-mount and cambered platform which gives a responsive and energetic performance. The tapered design makes for comfortable leverage and maximizes wheel clearance for deep turns. With an upturned kicktail. you can make freestyle tricks and shred surf-style. This board design is inspired by the snowboard and combines vertically laminated bamboo and fiberglass to give a light. durable. and lively ride.

  • ​The bamboo and fiberglass flex is also perfect for hard carving and pumping. The flex is available in three ratings depending on the rider’s weight and style. A lower flex that is perfect for heavier riders with an aggressive style. and a higher flex for lighter riders.
  • ​For a smooth and controlled turning response. you have Paris 150mm. 50° longboard trucks at your disposal for the perfect riding experience.
  • ​Finally. Orangutang 70mm. 80a stimulus wheels deliver perfect balance for freeriding.
  • ​The soft 80a wheels are slower on hard surfaces.

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4. Globe Hg Spearpoint Longboards, Red, 40

Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Longboard Deck Complete 40"

​A great directional longboard for carving. this model comes with drop- through trucks. which makes this model ideal for longboard beginners, free riders. and generally people who like a more stable ride. The lowered deck lowers the center of gravity making the board easier to push. The drop-through trucks also provide more flex and deliver a good experience for slow cruising. dancing. and carving. In addition. the trucks are 180mm slant inverted to give a 54° position. which the deck a greater angle for turning.

  • ​The longboard comes with a side-to-side concave deck that firmly braces your feet for super carving moves.
  • ​The deck is made of an amazing 40 x 9.875-inch ply bamboo which gives superior flex and makes this board ideal for pumping and carving. The wide deck also delivers stability and more confidence for riders.
  • ​The large- diameter 69mm 83A wheels allow for more speed and easily move over cracks in the pavement. though they require more force for accelerating.
  • ​A disadvantage of this model is the drop-through of the deck because the weight of the rider is mainly distributed on the 8 bolts that attach the trucks to the board.

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5. WHOME PRO Skateboard

WHOME PRO Longboard Complete for Adults and Beginners - 41 Inch Longboard Hybrid Freestyle Carving Cruising 8 Layer Alpine Hard Rock Maple Top Mounted ABEC-9 Precision Bearings Includes T-Tools

​This longboard is best for carving. cruising. and hybrid freestyle. It has a durable 8 layer maple deck. Maple wood delivers a firm grip that feels more authentic and in touch with the earth. The deck is a comfortable 41 x 9.5 inches. ideal for carving and pumping. It can also support a great variety of skaters of different weights. up to a maximum of 3301bs. It is constructed with WHOME special high precision chrome steel for strength. In addition. it has ABEC -9 bearings and large wheels (70x 51mm) capable of great speed. The 80a wheels are hard enough for high speeds but soft enough to maintain a good grip and deliver a smooth ride over rough surfaces with cracks and pebbles.

  • ​The model comes with a 7-inch A356 aluminum alloy truck with a medium carbon steel shaft inside and baking paint on the exterior.
  • ​The high rebound PU bushing makes it easier to turn and gives you better balance when turning sharply.
  • ​The skateboard comes wrapped in plastic film for protection during storage and transit. which you remove before using the skateboard.
  • ​The high deck provided less balance for beginners.

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6. Nattork Longboard Skateboard

Nattork Longboard Skateboard 42 Inch Drop Through Complete Skateboard Cruiser for Cruising, Carving, Free-Style and Downhill

​This longboard is great for cruising. carving. freestyle. and downhill skateboarding. It has a 5-ply curved maple and epoxy deck which makes it capable of supporting both heavy and light riders. It also has a reverse slide on the black surface. Its 42-inch long and 9.2-inch wide surface is built with a classic downhill drop design. This model’s low gravity design makes it ideal for any speeds. It also makes this skateboard ideal for beginners. free riders. and cruisers. as it is more stable because your weight is more evenly distributed on the deck.

  • ​The ABEC 7 bearings will give you a memorable experience every single time you skateboard. Moreover. it comes with no less than four design patterns for you to choose from. All four designs are creatively and aesthetically done. Impress fellow skateboarders with a uniquely designed skateboard.
  • ​This skateboard has large polystyrene wheels- 70mm to 50mm which deliver good balance when doing a high-speed downhill.
  • ​In short. this is the best skateboard you can get for high-speed downhill. carving. and cruising and it will not disappoint you. Finally. as a mark of confidence. we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if it disappoints you.
  • ​Large wheels take longer to accelerate.

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7. Landshark Island Style Longboard

Landshark Island Style Longboard Skateboard, Black, One Size

​This model comes in a classic longboard shape with a retro. surf-style design. to make you feel like you are really on the waves. It is perfect for carving. cruising. and commuting. It has a 35x 9.25-inch deck made using 8-ply maple wood. The deck is slightly narrower than the previously mentioned models but still wide enough to provide a comfortable balance and support a wide variety of weights. The Maple wood gives the deck enough flex for great skateboarding. If you like to make sharp turns. this is the model for you.

  • ​It is made with deck cutouts to eliminate wheel bite when making sharp turns.
  • ​This model is fitted with 7-inch aluminum trucks to make it stable. lightweight. and durable.
  • ​It has 61 mmx 54mm polystyrene wheels mounted on ABEC-7 precision carbon steel bearings to give you the ultimate smooth ride experience.
  • ​The smaller wheels do not attain high speeds.

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8. Lrfzhicg Longboard Bamboo Cruiser

Quest The Super Cruiser Gaia Artisan Maple 44" Longboard Skateboard

​This model not only has a unique name but also a unique design that makes you stand out among other boarders. It is ideal for downhill; cruising. and carving. It has a wide 42x 9-inch bamboo- fiberglass deck with 5 ply bamboo and 2-ply fiberglass for the ultimate flex. Moreover. it is built to support more weight. with gravity cast 7-inch aluminum drop through trucks. With 70mmx 51 mm high-quality polystyrene wheels of SHR 83a hardness. the model allows you to cruise with great flexibility and speed. The skate large wheels also reduce the uncomfortable effect of cracks and pebbles on the pavement to deliver a smooth ride.

  • ​The model has an 85% high rebound and is also quiet during motion.
  • ​This longboard comes with genuine ABEC- 9 high-speed built-in bearings with lubricant to maintain a smooth ride.
  • ​The longboard bearings feature built-in spacers and speed washers which make changing wheels faster and more efficient.
  • ​The model comes with good quality accessories to enhance safety.
  • ​The large wheels take a longer time to gain speed.

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What to Consider When Buying a Longboard

Price and Level of Skill

If you are a beginner. don’t spend a lot of money on an expensive longboard as you may end up giving up (although I hope you don’t). Buy a board that will withstand rough handling due to mistakes made when learning. That way. you won’t feel too bad if it gets a few scrapes.

Beginners don’t usually have a good balance. so it is always prudent to buy a bigger longboard for better balance. A longboard costing about $50 would be suitable.

What Type of Rider You Are

If you are a beginner. you are probably a cruiser. so choose longboards that favor cruising. You only need to buy a longboard for this purpose with no additional features that cater to more advanced styles like longboard dancing and doing tricks.

The Shape of the Longboard

Longboards come in different shapes. There are two main shapes: twin and directional. Twin longboards are ideal for free riders and freestylers. while directional ones are good for going forward fast and hence are good for cruisers.

The Flex of the Longboard

There are three types of longboard flex: soft. medium. and stiff. Soft flex is best for slow cruising and doing tricks. Medium flex is good for commuting. carving. and easy cruising. while stiff flex is good for bombing hills and freeriding.

What Gear You Need

You need various accessories for safety when longboarding. especially if you are a beginner. Tail guards protect the longboard tail when it hits hard objects. Foot-stops keep your front or back foot in place when riding. And of course. you need shock pads in case of falls.

Deck Style

The deck style determines how stable the longboard is. A lower deck is more stable and easier to push. So go for this if you are a beginner. A higher deck is more difficult to balance and is better used by experienced riders. Best higher decks also enable quicker carves and tighter turns.

Type of Mount

A deck mounted on top of the skate trucks has more wheel leverage and makes the board more responsive. A deck with the trucks mounted through it (drop-through) is nearer the ground and therefore more stable and good for inexperienced beginners.

Truck Style

Reverse kingpin trucks (RKP) are good for most riding styles. while traditional kingpin trucks (TKP) are best for freestyle tricks and downhill racing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a longboard and a skateboard?

Longboards are generally longer than skateboards. Longboards are between 36-60 inches long while skateboards are 24-35 inches long. Which is better. a longboard or a skateboard?

It really depends on what you are using them for. A skateboard is easier for commutes as they are smaller and easier to maneuver than

longboards. Longboards are also heavier which makes them inconvenient if you have to carry them.

What wheels are good for bumpy roads?

Softer wheels in the range of 75a to 80a are good for bumpy roads. Larger wheels between 70-80mm are also comfortable for bumpy roads. How can I best maintain my skateboard?

Avoid riding it through puddles and in sandy areas. Bushings flatten and stiffen over time. So consider replacing them every six months.

How do I know when I need new bearings?

Try giving your wheels a quick spin. If they stop suddenly. you may need a new set. Some old bearings also make noise.

What type of bearings should I buy?

The kind of bearings you have doesn’t really matter. Any bearing will work on your board. A price range of $10-$20 is good enough.

What does wheel hardness mean?

This is how hard or soft a wheel is. Skateboard wheels are usually measured in durometer. Hard wheels fall in the range of 99a-101a and are found in street skateboards. Longboarding wheels are usually in the 70s-80s range.

Do new bearings increase speed?

No. they don’t. They only keep you going longer. Does my speed depend on wheels?

Yes. it does. Large wheels (above 80mm) accelerate more slowly but can attain higher speeds. Smaller wheels (51mm- 66mm) accelerate faster but attain lower speeds than large wheels.

Does wheel hardness affect speed?

Yes. A hard wheel is faster on a smooth surface. but a softer wheel is better for a rough surface as it will roll over obstructions and is smoother. What causes trucks to squeak when turning?

This is usually due to friction between the pivot bushing and the hanger. You can fix it by removing the hanger from the baseplate, applying graphite. wax. or soap shavings and spreading it evenly inside the pivot cup. After put everything back together.

Why do longboards stop suddenly when you hit a crack?

This is caused by hitting the cracks straight on. Skate towards them at an angle and you shouldn’t have a problem.


We have looked at some of the best longboards for carving. freestyle. cruising, and downhill. and their features. Longboards come in different shapes and sizes. We have gone through factors to consider when buying a longboard for yourself. and some frequently asked questions. With this information. I hope you are able to get a longboard that suits your tastes and style and one that delivers an enjoyable riding experience.

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